Instructional Designers at Work

three professionals working together at computer screen
Photo credit: Mimi Thian Unsplash

Instructional Design Exploration

As part of an assignment in the University of Massachusetts Boston Instructional Design course that I’m taking this summer, I’ve explored the role of the instructional designer and interviewed instructional designers to learn about the nature of the work, division of responsibilities and time, and greatest joys and challenges. I interviewed three instructional designers; it’s a very small sample but has guided me in learning more about whether or not this is a field for me… it is.

What I learned is…

Nature of Instructional Design Work – Project management / Course Delivery / Content Development / SME Collaboration

Division of Time and Responsibility
Project Management approximately 30%
(This includes outlining the instructional design process: needs assessment, identifying learner objectives, content development and course design, deciding on delivery media and learner evaluation).
Content Development and Delivery approximately 30-40%
Subject Matter Expert Collaboration 30-40%

Greatest Joys Instructional Design is highly collaborative, dynamic, varied and satisfying – Like fitting pieces of a puzzle together

Biggest Challenges Instructional Design can be challenging when coordinating with subject matter experts (time and access to SMEs); reconciling needs assessment and content; making content materials engaging and memorable.