Benefits of Bilingualism

Tools: Articulate Rise 360
Summary: This PDF view contains a course that I designed and developed in Articulate Rise for adult learners of bilingual children.
Challenge: Selection of images to promote understanding of concepts in English

Storyboard – Benefits of Bilingualism course

Tools: TechSmith Camtasia, Microsoft Word
Summary: Outline of storyboarding process for The Benefits of Bilingualism course.
Challenge: Audio and images to enhance understanding of concepts in English

Seaweed as a Sustainable Food Source

Tools: TechSmith Camtasia
Summary: (brief — less than 2 minutes) video on seaweed as a sustainable food source
Challenge: Summarizing — seaweed as a sustainable food source and engage viewers interest in learning more

Screencast – Using Google Docs for Beginners

Tools: TechSmith Camtasia, Google Suite
Summary: Two minute screencast teaching 3 basic Google docs functions
Challenge: Provide clear objectives and visual cueing

Needs Assessment (Sample)

Brief research summary – Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

Project – International Teaching Assistant Program Recommendations